Top 10 Best Volleyball Player of All Time

Top 10 Best Volleyball Player of All Time

Volleyball is among the most famous across the globe. With the top-notch quality of leagues in several countries, there is a diverse and vibrant set of huge players across the world for both the beach and indoor games. In this articles you will get List of Best Volleyball Player of All Time Indoor volleyball has been an Olympic sport from 1964, and it was dominated in the early days by the Soviet Union and Japan. Also, volleyball was added to the list in 1996 and is among the most interesting events of the games.

List of Top 10 Best Volleyball Player of All Time

Lorenzo Bernardi

The Italian outside is the legend of a few clubs, such as Sisley Treviso, where he played for more than 12 years. He won the championship in the world in 1990 and 1994, the European Champions League twice, the World Cup in 1995, and the World League 5 times, the European Champions League twice.


He was among the leading players back then. His athletic capabilities and predictions were his huge powers. Seven silver, 24 gold, and two bronze medals through rich 15 years of appearance for Brazil are impressive. He is one of the Best Volleyball Player of All Time


Dante is also a Brazilian player in the ranking. Also, he was lucky to be part of the galactic Brazilian volleyball team that was the best across the globe. Dante started his career at the 19 age in the Tres Coracoes club.

Andrea Giani

He is one of the Best Volleyball Player of All Time and now become a coach. Giani has several awards with Italy. He was the one who won the championship in the world three times in a row during his career. Giani was an all-rounder who could play both as a middle blocker and outside hitter, but he played many times as the opposite too.


He is still among the great polish and world volleyball players. Wojtowicz won the Olympic games in 1976 and also won the championship in 1974 with the Polish National Team. These achievements of the Polish team may not be possible without him.

Karch Kiraly

He is among the great volleyball players across the globe. You might even argue whether he was better than Giba or not. We understand that Karch is among the best volleyball player of the 20th century.

Sheilla Castro

He has been one of the Best Volleyball Player of All Time and dominant Brazillian indoor team of women over the previous decade. The opposite spiker has led Brazil to two gold medals at the Olympics and dozens of other medals and Seven South American Championships.

Inna Ryskal

The USSR team of women and Inna Ryskal from 1964 to 1972 won everything that might be won in the sport of volleyball, that includes a championship in the world and two Olympic gold medals. They also dominated the championship in Europe and won FIVB World Cup. She was also selected as the second-best women’s player of the 20th century by FIVB.


He is among the best Serbian player. Also, he led them to several victories. The most crucial one was a gold medal at the Olympic games in 2000, but Ivan was 20 years back then, and he was not the leading player.

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