Valorant Patch Notes 5.10 Release Date, Patch Notes and More

Valorant Patch Notes 5.10 Release Date, Patch Notes and More

Update 5.10 for the well-known first-person shooter Valorant is currently available. Right here, you can learn Valorant Patch Notes 5.10 Release Date and everything you need to know.

Riot Games created the free-to-play first-person shooter called Valorant.

It continues to rank as one of the most played games on the stores it is accessible on and remains one of the most well-liked free-to-play games players can get their hands on.

Recently, Valorant has experienced an influx of patch notes. The most recent update included adjustments to the game’s weapons, detailed map updates, and several bug fixes in order to provide players the greatest experience possible while slinging guns.

Here is what we currently know about patch notes 5.10, which will be Valorant’s upcoming release.

Valorant Patch Notes 5.10 Release Date

The patch notes were released on November 15th, 2022, thus we can expect the patch to be released soon!

Valorant update 5.10 patch notes

Below are the complete patch notes as they were provided by the devs.

“We’re back with Patch Notes 5.10, and we’re addressing some of the more significant problems players have previously seen with Cypher and Fade. A number of Agent bugs have also been fixed, and a new function called Real Time Text Evaluation has been added to provide players more confidence while communicating with teammates and rivals. Details are provided below.

All Agent changes in patch 5.10

Massive changes are coming to the ability kit of Fade and Cypher. These crucial adjustments will stabilize Valorant’s current meta and stop some harmful trends.


Given its adaptability and efficacy, Prowler, Fade’s fundamental ability, is currently a little too powerful for the majority of Valorant situations. On maps like Ascent and Haven, where her prowlers can open chokepoints like no other Initiator Agent can, she is an absolute need.

Additionally, her Ultimate, Nightfall, is regarded as one of the game’s greatest utilities and spans a wide area. Following are all the Fade adjustments made in patch 5.10:


Time decreased from 3 to 2.5 seconds. Time the Prowler has been alive without leaving a track. After reaching the target, the bite took longer to happen. four >>> six seconds. Enhancements to Hitbox The hit’s nearsight duration was cut from 3.5 to 2.75 seconds. Prowlers used to debuff their target if they teleported away before it finished its motion, but now they fade out and stop doing so.
Cost increase at night 7 >>> 8


After Chamber gave the Sentinel class its illustrious introduction, Cypher was removed from the Valorant meta. He did, however, become more well-liked after Chamber was subjected to a few harsh nerfs. The Neural Theft, one of the worst Ultimate abilities in the game right now, was specifically requested by long-time Moroccan spy enthusiasts who wanted Riot Games to improve his toolkit.

The requests were taken into account, and patch 5.10 will bring some exciting buffs to the promising Agent. Here are all the Cypher modifications that will be included in the upcoming patch for Valorant:


  • Maximum Trapwire length increased 1000 >>> 1500.

Neural Theft

  • Neural Theft now reveals enemies two times. There is a four-second delay between the reveals.
  • Time restriction to cast on enemy corpses has been removed.
  • Maximum cast distance increased 1200 >>> 1800.

Quality of Life

  • Updated the yellow silhouette used for Cypher’s reveal on Spycam and Neural Theft.
  • Yellow silhouette now disappears if the revealed enemy becomes visible to you to help reduce confusion of seeing two representations of the enemy in different places.
  • Yellow silhouette now starts dimmer and fades faster to make it more distinguishable from an actual enemy.
  • Allies’ AOE damage no longer destroys Cypher’s placed utility

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