Who Is Rishi Sunak, Can he will become the next Prime Minister of Britain

Who Is Rishi Sunak, Can he will become the next Prime Minister of Britain

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has stepped down from her post after facing an open revolt against her leadership as an increasing number of Conservative party called for her resignation due to the chaos at the UK government’s heart. All eyes are now on Rishi Sunak, former Chancellor to be parachuted to take charge.

Also, while stepping down from the position of the minister for immigration and law and order, Braverman criticized PM Liz, saying that she had concerns about the government’s direction. Braverman belongs to the Conservative’s far right-wing and cited a technical breach of government as her reason to quit the part, and it is real how her views differ from Liz’s, forcing her out of the conservative party.

Who is Rishi Sunak?

Rishi Sunak is the former finance minister of the country who was among the most preferred replacement for Johnson. And now all eyes are on him in the United Kingdom due to the political crisis. If this happens, the 42-year will become the first United Kingdom Prime Minister of Indian origin.

He was praised for a COVID-19 rescue package that included expensive retention of a jobs program that averted mass unemployment in the United Kingdom. Also, Sunak was also criticized for not offering sufficient cost-of-living support to households. The standing was damaged by saying that his wealthy wife’s non-domicile tax status and a penalty he got along with Johnson for violating the regulations of lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sunak was born in the Southhampton area of the United Kingdom to an Indian family. Rishi is a son of a National Health Service GP or general practitioner father and a Pharmacist mother. His grandparents belong to Punjab.

Rishi became MP or Member of Parliament in 2015. He was elected from Yorkshire, Richmond. Also, he swiftly rose to the ranks of the conservative party and supported calls for Brexit. Rishi is among Johnson’s supporters during the Leave EU campaign. Also, he made his mark by creating history in 2020 when he was the Chancellor of the Exchequer, which is the most important post of the cabinet in the United Kingdom.

Rishi’s fan following increased, and fame took a hit after the scandal of Party gate, violating COVID-19 regulations and organizing lockdown parties at government offices. It led to a crisis in the Johnson government. From the time Rishi took charge as Chancellor, there has been a lot of conjecture with the United Kingdom media about him eyeing the Prime Minister post in the United Kingdom. So, let us allow time to decide who is going to be the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, but there is a possibility that Rishi can make another history and become the Prime Minister of the UK this time.

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Bhagyashree Choudhary