Types of hockey games

Types of hockey games

Although many people think of ice hockey when we hear the name hockey, there are various hockey types. In this blog, we at The Sports Giant will discuss the five different hockey types in detail, offering you details for each type. Hockey is not only played on ice, but you may also play without a puck, and several of these hockey combinations are played across the world. Let us take a look at the five Types of Hockey Games.

List of Types of hockey games

Sledge Hockey

It is also called Para ice hockey or sled hockey in a few parts of the globe and is well-played on the surface of the ice. It has its world championship and is also well-played at the Winter Paralympics. Also, the sport is properly aimed at players who have any type of physical disability. It was discovered at a rehabilitation center in the 1960s in Sweden and uses regulations similar to ice hockey with players wearing protective tools.

Floor Hockey or Ball Hockey

Floor hockey is well-played on the hard cement floor of ball hockey rinks during the summer season. It is also called floor hockey which is well-played in school gymnasiums.

Ice-hockey sticks are used in floor hockey, but a round orange ball is used. Also, when playing ball hockey in gymnasiums, plastic blades or sticks are used to aid in stopping the floors from scratching. Also, ball hockey should not be confused with the game called floorball.

Field Hockey

Field hockey is nothing but a summer Olympic, restricted-contact team game for both women and men and includes two 35-minute halves. Every team includes a goalkeeper and ten players, with the objective of the match being to outscore the opposition. The new modern form of field hockey was created in the United Kingdom during the 19th century and is well-played in many parts of the globe.

Street Hockey or Road Hockey

Street hockey is well-played outdoors on a tennis court, street, or parking lot on foot or parking lot on roller skates. A ball or puck may be used, and the regulations are composed by the participants. It is another Types of hockey games in which the teams try to outscore each other during a match. 

It is usually neighborhood kids or gatherings of friends or adults who plan to play whenever the mood hits them at any time of the year. They would also build their own league if they wish, but it is an informal match with no pro leagues.

Ice hockey

It is a fast-paced contact or non-contact team game that is well-played on a sheet of ice. Candidates use hockey sticks to control and wear a pair of ice skates and shoot a hard, vulcanized rubber disc called a puck. The game’s object is to score more aims than the opposing team. One of the most popular Types of hockey games

Each team well-played the match with five skaters on the ice (two defencemen and three forwards) and a goaltender. Fines are known for fouls that break the culprits, and regulations should leave the ice to serve them in a penalty box that leaves the team shorthanded.

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