What is cricket and types of cricket?

What is cricket and types of cricket?

Cricket was first found in the vast fields by shepherds who herded their flock in England. Later, aristocrats benevolence cricket and now it is the national game of England. After a few decades now, cricket has its place internationally.


Cricket involves two teams on each side with 11 players. The captain who wins the toss decides his team will do batting or bowling first. If they bat first then their goal is to score a lot of runs and ensure that the other team does not score well.

Types of cricket

Cricket is played in various formats, but the most renowned ones are the One Day Cricket and Test Cricket match.

Test cricket

In a test cricket match, the game goes on for 5 days duration with each team batting at least twice if the time permits

One day Cricket

One day is the most popular cricket game where 300 balls are given to each team and another team has to score more than the other team


Twenty20 or T20 is another type of cricket. At the professional level, it was first invented by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) for the inter-county competition in the year 2003


T10 Cricket Game is a ten-over cricket league format match launched in the United Arab Emirates and owned by T Ten Sports Management

IPL or The Indian Premier League

The Indian Premier League or IPL is a professional T20 cricket game in India held in March, April or May of every year representing eight different states or cities in India by eight teams.

First-class cricket

First-class cricket game is an official classification of the domestic matches or highest –a standard international game in the sport of cricket.

Limited overs cricket

Limited overs cricket also is known as one-day cricket is a kind of cricket game which has a one-day duration that includes T20 or List A cricket.

Club cricket

Club cricket is a primary amateur, formal form of the sport of cricket that involves teams playing in competitions in the evening or weekends.

Single wicket cricket

Single wicket cricket is a type of cricket played between two persons, who take turns to bowl and bat against each other

Short form cricket

Short form cricket is used for different modified forms cricket game which is shorter than the more conventional type of the game. It is a game mostly played in schools where more preference is given on enjoyment and participation

French cricket

It is a form of cricket that creates a game equal to catch. The game is generally played socially at parties, beaches, parks or picnics

Tennis ball cricket

No ball and the wide ball will be penalized as per the tennis ball cricket game. One run and an extra ball will be rewarded for a wide ball and a no-ball. Every no-ball will be rewarded with a free hit

Tape Ball Cricket

A tape ball is a tennis ball which is wrapped in electrical tape and it is used in playing backyard cricket. The game is popular of the tape ball cricket because it is local cricket, informal which has changed the way games are played in cricket-loving countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India

Hong-Kong Cricket

It is a six-a-side international cricket game held at the Kowloon Cricket Club comprising between twelve and eight teams

100-ball Cricket

It is a short form of the sport of Cricket. The 100-ball cricket match has two teams each having a single winning, which is limited to a maximum of 100 balls. The duration of the game is 2 and a half hour.

Three team cricket

Three team cricket game is of eight players compete in a single game. In three-team cricket, each team is given twelve overs to play. They split between two periods of six overs apart from each of the two teams in the game

Indoor cricket

It is a variant of and shares different basic concepts with cricket. The match is most often played between two teams each consisting of eight or six players.

Blind Cricket

It is a sport of cricket adapted for partially sighted or blind players. It is regulated by the World Blind Cricket Council (WBBC) in 1996.

Backyard Cricket

It is a street cricket, gully cricket in Indian Subcontinent or Beach Cricket, garden or deaf cricket or Corridor Cricket which is an informal form ad hoc variant cricket game which is played by people of all genders and all ages. In gardens, in parks, beaches, carpets, on the street, and the area which is specifically not intended for any specific purpose

Beach Cricket

It is an informal form of the game played on the beach and the best part is anyone who wishes to play can play beach cricket. Everyone is free to and does make up the regulations and rules as they go, it is an ideal game for the friends, family and frustrated players.

Car cricket

It is a fun way to keep the children occupied on a long car trip. The runs are based on the colour of the cars you pass. And the rule is red car gets you out. It works best on less busy roads. There are no specific rules and different scoring variations are depending upon different colour and vehicle sizes.


Three main functions of the players are Bowling, Batting and Fielding

1.  Fielder- 10 Players who help the bowler to achieve his aim and prevent the batsmen from chasing runs.

2. Bowler- One who bowls and tries hard to get the batsmen out

3.  Batsmen-  one who chases fro runs of the balls bowled by the bowler


The cricket game revolves around batsmen, the main centre of attraction. The crowd love the batsmen when they wallop the ball over the ground. They are the ones who whip up hysteria, everybody loves them, the audience loves them and they are the Don Juan’s of the cricket game.

From so many batsmen, from the 11 International Cricket Committee or ICC, London, UK only a few achieve immortality and gets recognition. What is that one thing that separates the boys from the men?

Many parameters go in declining or making of a great batsman. Natural talent is a good coach, definite and performance at the right time. (Achrekar who coached Sachin Tendulkar)

How to score runs

There are ways to score runs as per the cricket rules that include wide balls, no balls, leg byes, and byes. Cricket regulations state that all runs scored by such methods are rewarded to the batting team but not the individual batters.

  • A ‘BYE’ is a ball that is wide passes or no ball striking the batsmen and runs are scored without the batsman striking the ball.
  • A ‘NO BALL’ is declared for different reasons: if the bowler bowls the ball from the wrong area, the ball is declared dangerous, If the bowler bounces the ball more than twice or rolls before reaching the batsmen and if fielders are standing still in an illegal place
  • The batsmen can hit no-ball and chase runs off it but cannot be out from a no-ball only if they are running out, handle the ball, obstructing the field or handle the ball. The batsman gains runs scored off the no ball for the shot while the team gets one run from the no-ball
  • A ‘LEG BYE’ is where runs are chased by hitting the batsmen and the ball is not a wide or no-ball but not with the bat. No runs can be chased if the striking batsmen if he avoids the ball or if he didn’t play that particular shot.
  • A ‘WIDE BALL’ is claimed if the umpire thinks that the batsman did not have a good opportunity to score off the delivery. If the delivery is bowled over the head of batsmen then it is declared a wide ball and not a no-ball.
  • Umpires are much stricter on wide delivery in the short format of the cricket match. The game is more relaxed in the test cricket match. A wide ball adds one run to batting team and any run scored by the batsmen. The batsmen are not able to get out off a wide delivery if they are run out, handle the ball, stumped or obstruct the field or hit their wicket.

How Batsmen can be given out as per cricket rules and regulations:

There are several ways a batsman can be declared out in the cricket game. When a bowler gets a batsman out then the bowler gets a wicket. These are the different ways where a batsman is claimed out as per the cricket rules that include:

  • Caught- cricket rules say that if a batsman hits the ball or if he touches the ball at all with his glove, hand or bat or holds the bat then he is claimed out. It is done by wicket-keeper, bowler or fielders who catch the ball on the full before it bounces. Then the batsmen are declared out.
  • Bowled- cricket says that if the ball is bowled and if a batsman hits it then he is declared out. It does not matter if the ball touched the batsmen gloves, hands, body, bat or any body part of the batsman. But one thing that ball should have touched any player, umpire before hitting the wicket.
  • Stumped- a batsman is declared out as per rules when the wicketkeeper puts down his wicket while he is not attempting a run or out of his crease
  • Run out- cricket rules are that a batsman is out if no part of his body or bat is grounded behind the crease while the wicket is put down by the fielding side and the ball is in play.
  • Obstructing the field means a batsman is declared out if he obstructs the opposition willingly by action or word.
  • Handled the ball- when the batsman is willing handles the ball with his hand not touching without the opposition consent then he is claimed out.
  • Timed out- an incoming batsman should be ready to play and face a ball or within the non-strikers position in three minutes of the outgoing batsman else he is declared out and he cannot play the game.
  • Hit the ball twice- if a batsman hits the ball twice to protect his wicket or with the opposition consent then he is claimed out.
  • Hit wicket- cricket rules states that if a batsman hits his wicket with his body parts, bat after bowler enters his delivery strike and ball, is in play then he is out. The batsman is also out he is setting off for runs and hits his wicket down.
  • ‘LEG BEFORE WICKET’ or LBW, if the ball is bowled and hits the batsman without the bat hitting it then it LBW. Umpire to claim out first he has to decide that the ball has hit the wickets.
  • If Umpire says yes then it is declared out and the ball should not be pitched on the leg side of the wicket then he can safely declare him as out. If the ball strikes the batsman outside the line off stump when he attempts to play a stroke then he is not declared out.

There are different cricket rules and regulations but these are the basic rules for playing the cricket game. Some are advanced laws and rules that are learned by professionals and are not important for a general cricket game. Cricket is a game of Gentleman who is loved by everyone.

Whether kids, teenagers, men, woman, or old people all enjoy the cricket game. Cricket game leaves everybody’s sorrow behind, all mental pressure is removed when people watch the cricket game. Cricket has its advantages to people where it helps them to relive all their stress and people can enjoy themselves happily. With Cricket all get new energy and mental health of individuals is improved with the cricket sport study demonstrates.

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