Types of Cricket Balls used in Cricket

Types of Cricket Balls used in Cricket

In the sport of cricket game, Ball plays a crucial role. A cricket ball is composed of refined leather stitched with hands. Inside the leather, an inner core consists of a small cork ball which ensures the durability as well as the bounce of the ball. Different style of player, different playing situation needs a variety of cricket balls.

We have seen the use of red balls right from the Test cricket game came into existence.

A new type of ball named white ball was introduced for the 50-over format.

With the ICC launching day/night tests, the pink ball is introduced keeping the terms and conditions in mind

These cricket balls do have various attributes apart from the colour

Let us discuss more the history of balls used in the sport of cricket

History of the ball used in cricket

In 1856, the world’s first leather ball was introduced. The ball had a core hard cork that made it heavy naturally. The cricket ball was manufactured by British Cricket Balls Ltd previously and they were known as Dukes.

Let us discuss the types of cricket balls in detail:

Based on stitching patterns:

  • Four-piece cricket balls
  • Two-piece cricket balls

Four-piece cricket balls

In four-piece cricket balls leather is cut into quarter shape. The inner core is made up of four-piece of quarter shape leather. Skilled workers ensure to stitching at four sides. Four-piece cricket balls offer a high quality of performance in the cricket match. All the leagues, clubs as well as international cricket match use the four-piece cricket balls made up of leather.

Two-piece cricket balls

In two-piece cricket balls, leather is composed of two semi-sphere. An inner core made up of high quality is kept into two leather semi-spheres. With the help of skilled workers, stitching is done on both sides. Two-piece leather cricket balls are used by entry-level players. The two-piece leather balls are made from good quality of leather. If you compared with four-piece cricket balls then there is some difference in terms of bouncing.


Synthetic Cricket Balls

Professional cricket training academy uses synthetic cricket balls for training. The cricket ball like synthetic is made from the synthetic material. It looks like a proper leather ball.

The synthetic cricket ball is used at international cricket match as they are lighter in weight. Amateur cricket players use it to train for fielding as well as catching. The soft synthetic cricket ball ranges at Rs 250/piece varying on the product quality and manufacturing company.

Types of Balls used in cricket Based On Colors:

  • Pink colour cricket leather ball
  • White colour cricket leather ball
  • Red colour cricket leather ball

Red colour cricket leather balls are used in Standard international cricket matches. Red colour cricket ball gives better swing and shines to fast bowlers. They are the best cricket balls used in the matches.

Red Leather Balls 

1.     Kookaburra

Every over in international cricket match uses the Kookaburra leather cricket ball. It is manufactured in Australia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Pakistan, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The red Kookaburra has a 4-piece construction weighing 156 grams. The Kookaburra cricket ball is machine-made.

The Kookaburra cricket ball is used effectively till 20 overs after that it might not swing and becomes old. It does not provide to the spinner much grip to turn the ball.

 White cricket balls are used for restricted matches or day-night cricket match or one day match. The balls are well-designed to allow close to red colour ball performance. The white cricket balls need to maintain shine and colour which is challenging for an entire cricket match.

In white cricket balls, ball colour is gained with rubbing the leather for some time. It is known as a natural leather white ball colour.

Pink Leather Ball

Kookaburra manufactured the first leather pink ball.  It was first used in the first day-night test cricket match in 2015 between New Zealand and Australia at Adelaide. The pink cricket ball was manufactured as the red ball. It was not visible in the night under floodlights. The white ball would be difficult to use due to white jerseys. Pink was the colour visible in the dark at night under the floodlights. The Pink leather cricket ball is more expensive than the SG ball. It is used to play test matches used in India. The Kookaburra ball used in T20s and One day match ranges Rs 12000

Pink colour cricket balls are used to play trial. First, it was used between New Zealand and Australia test cricket game.

 Hockey Ball

Several training academies use hockey cricket balls in the nets. The underarm balls used by coaches to batsmen improve stroke-making. Also, hanging hockey balls are used to increase the strokes for a new bat.

Types of cricket balls on Game need are:

  • Cork Cricket balls
  • Soft Tennis cricket balls
  • Leather cricket balls
  • Hard cricket tennis balls.

Most of the players use soft or hard cricket balls for relaxations purpose. As soft tennis balls are light in weight. Leather cricket balls are used by professional or advance players. Cork cricket balls are used by armature players and they need Kashmir willow bats to play with cork balls.


Clean white

World series cricket allowed to play in the night. To improve the visibility of the game against coloured clothing, white balls were launched. Now, white balls are used for one-day games. The white ball loses its colour and deteriorates more easily than the red ball. Two balls are required for a one-day match. The clean white cricket ball was used for the second innings match between Bradman XI and South Africa on 23 February 1992 at Bradman Oval. The clean white ball was in pristine condition as it was bowled by South Africa as the game was cancelled because of rain.


England is known to manufacture Dukes ball.  In West Indies as well as England test matches dukes are used. Dukes swings for 50 overs and the bowler-friendly cricket ball. It favours the seam bowlers as it remains intact for long when the ball is old. It is not used by spinner due to seam friendly terms. The duke cricket ball costs around Rs 8500.

Blind cricket ball

Blind cricket ball was used first in the 1920s. It first became famous among the large number of veterans who were partially or completely blind from World War I. The blind cricket balls were used till 1972. The white plastic ball came in 2003. The balls contain metal weights and bottle tops inside to create noise and weight the ball when the ball is rolled, hit or thrown. The blind cricket world cup was played first in 1998 in Delhi. Blind Cricket world cup is held every four years now.


India is the only country known to use SG cricket ball in a test match. The red ball does not hold its shine for long. Seamers is not favoured as the ball swings for 10 overs. The seam of the SG cricket ball does not deteriorate and is intact.

SG cricket ball is more spinner friendly as a bowler gets good hold to turn the ball effectively. Players such as Ravichandran Ashwin is successful with the SG cricket ball to turn wickets. It is also useful for fast bowlers in the latter half that helps them to swing reverse easily. SG cricket ball is expensive. It costs around Rs 2000 in India.

Sectioned ball

The sectioned cricket ball shows the inner structure of a cricket ball. Cricket balls are made of organic materials, unlike cricket balls.

Cork core

Cork Core offers the ball its density as well as shape.

Twine layers

It makes sure that the outside leather anchors to the cork. It provides flexibility to the surface.


It is durable but offers a dynamic surface that transforms through the game course.


It allows the bowler a point to leverage to impart spin, swing or even cut. It forces the batter to anticipate sideways of the ball off the pitch or in the air.

Dirty White

A dirty white cricket ball is used in an Under  19 Australia vs England for 50 overs women’s match on Bradman Oval in 2003, the ball shows how the colour, as well as surface, is affected by the play.

Tennis Ball

Individuals use soft tennis balls when to play cricket. . It is usually used to play gully cricket in your area or society. It costs around Rs 25/piece for the tennis cricket ball. They also use the tennis cricket ball to replace rubber cricket balls. The soft tennis cricket ball is light

When individuals come together to play at maidan or any playground on vacations, they use the Cosco hard cricket ball. It is the most durable. cricket ball It is heavier than the rubber cricket ball. It does not have any seam in the middle. Cosco is one of the best manufacturers of the tennis cricket ball in India. Other companies are Nivea, Vixen and Khanna. The tennis ball is available in two colours that are light green and red. The tennis balls cost around Rs 90/Piece varying on the manufacturing company. 

People also use soft tennis balls to play a cricket game. They use soft tennis cricket ball to replace rubber balls. The soft tennis ball is light. One can use it to play gully cricket in your area. The cost of the soft tennis ball is 50/piece.

Rubber Ball

The rubber balls are not heavy nor light. It is a suitable ball one can use to play cricket with your friends in your area or society. The rubber cricket balls consist of the seam in the middle that is same as the leather ball used in Professional cricket or international. This seam does not play any role swinging the ball.

The rubber cricket ball does not last long. Stumper is the renowned manufacturing company of rubber cricket balls in India. It is known for using the highest quality of rubber and so are a beat costly. Rubber cricket ball costs around 15 Rs/piece. The stumper rubber cricket ball costs 50 Rs/ Piece

Plastic Ball

A plastic ball is the most basic form of a cricket ball that is used to play gully match. It is any kind of plastic ball and not an actual cricket ball which is a circular shape. Kids can use plastic balls at home. The plastic quality varies upon the makers and the user. The plastic ball costs around 6 Rs/piece to 120 Rs/Piece varying on the quality, manufacturing company and its use.

Sponge Ball (smiley)

The smiley also is known as sponge ball is an excellent option to buy for parents who have kids of 3-5 years old. It is the softest and lightest ball to play for kids. Its purpose is not playing cricket, but it is used to play arm cricket at home as it won’t damage your showpieces at home. It cannot be used to play cricket outside as it swings in the air as well as move in any direction that would not be under your control. It can be used by a small kid to know how to bat without getting an injury. The  cricket ball ranges from 20 to 50 RS/Piece


For everyone, it is vital to understand the cricket ball name. As a cricket fan or cricketer, you should be aware of the different cricket ball names. It will help you to keep yourself updated with the cricket game knowledge.

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