What is T10 League, Introduction, Teams, Rules & Regulations and Top Players

What is T10 League, Introduction, Teams, Rules & Regulations and Top Players

What is T10 League?

T10 League or cricket is a ten-over format cricket match launched in the United Arab Emirates and owned by T Tens management of Sports. The T10 Cricket is authorized by the Emirates Cricket Board match for the duration of each T10 cricket match is 90 minutes and for 10 overs. The game is a round-robin which is followed by the eliminators and then the final T10 cricket match. The league was invented by Shajj Ul Mulk, who is the chairman of the T10 cricket league. The ICC or International Cricket Council has sanctioned the league officially.

Who are the teams?

There is a total of eight teams taking part in the T10 Cricket match.

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Maratha Arabians
  • Bangla Tigers
  • Deccan Gladiators
  • Delhi Bulls
  • Northern Warrior
  • Karnataka Tuskers
  • Qalandars

T10 Cricket League Rules & Regulations

All new arrangement of the entertainment cricket for T10 cricket league. The new alliance is charming and the main release of the T10 Cricket league was played in the Sharjah Cricket Stadium and will saw six groups in the opposition for a definitive prize in the 10 overs arrangement of the amusement.

Replacement of the player is only allowed for a player who is not available for the complete league for any unavoidable reasons. The list of unpicked players at the draft is used for the selection of the replacement player, either from the lower or the same category according to the list of the original player.

The owner also reiterated the basic regulations and procedures for the game

The team owners declared that all the matches must be played with Kookaburra turf balls due to the concerns expressed over the use of a pink ball in the presence of light. They also kept in mind the jersey colours that are bright colours of the team.

In case of a tie, the result will be decided by playing the super over for both the teams

MCC rules of cricket 2017 are adopted with playing conditions relevant to the T10 cricket match

If a team wins then two points are allotted and 1 point is given to each team in case of a draw and no points are given to a team if there is a loss.

Each bowler is allowed to bowl for at least 2 overs and the maximum duration is 10 overs per side. If there is any interruption, then a minimum of 5 overs is allotted to bowled for each winning. If there is rain then the result is taken by DLS method.

The Directors and owners declared the circulation of the ICC Anti-doping and Anti-corruption codes. Also, they intend to have education sessions on playing conditions, code of conduct, ICC Anti-doping and the ICC Anti- Corruption.

T10 League How does that work?

You must be aware of the rules and regulations of the T20 cricket match and if not please check out our blog on a T20 cricket match.  You just have to cut it in half. Each side bowls 10 overs in a T10 cricket match and then each bowler is allowed to bowl at least two overs

Powerplays in T10 league are slightly longer proportionately for the first four overs rather than six, unlike the T20 league wherein a powerplay no more than two fielders can wait outside the 30-yard ring.

For any of the match interrupted by rain or any other reason, the Duckworth-Lewis method (DLS) is used with the minimum number of overs for every game given is five. If there is a tie in the game same like T20 league the two teams are given super over to play.

Top Players

The following is the top player’s list for the T10 cricket match :

  • Dinesh Chandimal
  • Shahid Afridi
  • Virender Sehwag
  • Misbah Ul Haq
  • Shoaib Malik
  • Kumar Sangakkara
  • Junaid Khan
  • Mohammad Amir
  • Fakhar Zaman
  • Dwayne Smith
  • Thisara Perera
  • Kieron Pollard
  • Sarfraz Ahmed
  • Sunil Narine
  • Eoin Morgan
  • Shakib Al Hassan

How does the tournament function?

Pay attention to the information as the tournament functioning is a bit complicated.

The eight teams who are playing first are divided into two groups of four and then they play with each other during this stage for once. It is simple so far

Later in the next level, they play three times more against three of the four teams from the other group, it depends upon where they completed in their original group.

The four teams of the top at the end of the second phase qualify for the playoffs. The two top play with each other in a semi-final, while third and fourth play an eliminator game. The semi-final match-winner then plays the game with the loser of the eliminator, while the loser of the semi-final match plays with the winner of the eliminator. After that, the two teams who win these matches play in the final T10 league.

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