Most Popular Sport in Canada

Most Popular Sport in Canada

There are many things that make Canada special, unique and best. The low crime rate of the nation, its climate, and its proximity to the United States make it one of the amazing places to stay or visit. Canadians value many sporting contests not only for entertainment but also as a means of fostering the unity of the nation. The huge range of sporting activities provides the best possibilities for Canadians to compete productively and show their talents with the rest of the globe at the international level.

So, Canada has become a nation of a range of sports and games. The nation has also shown dominance in the Olympic games and world sports. It is also well-recognized that winter sports in Canada are famous all across the globe.

We have taken the initiative to discuss the most popular sports in Canada. So, we will find out now, what is the most popular sport in Canada? 

List of Most Popular Sport in Canada


Curling Most Popular Sport in Canada

It is a popular sport in Canada, in the Prairie Provinces, with many famous teams in the nation depending on Manitoba and Alberta. Curling in Canada is always linked with the military and was brought into the nation from Scotland.

The curling of men’s national Championship is also named Tim Hortons Brier, while the Championship of the women is named Scottish Tournaments of Hearts. Also, women participate in the Canadian game, which is among the most televised sport for Women in Canada. The curling world championship has been sponsored by Ford Canada since 1995, and it was named the Championship of World Curling.


Golf Sport in Canada

The game was well-played in Scotland in the last half of the 15th century. The first Canadian golf club was established in 1873 November and was called Montreal Golf Club. When the scots who are emigrated to Canada, they took the tennis game with them, which was well-named as Ancient and Royal Game.

The club was founded by the young Scotsman Alexander Dennistoun, who was the captain and first president of the golf club. From then, golf started to flourish in Canada, and they are one of the golf-playing countries across the globe. Golf has taken its place as the top popular sport in Canada.


Rugby sports in canada

The game was launched in 1823 in Canada by the Royal Navy, which also fostered its development in various parts of the nation. Rugby is the game that the game disappeared entirely from the nation. It was re-introduced by the creation of an armature domestic and national team competition.

The rugby league of Canada hosts many professional and domestic competitions. The union of rugby shows four regional teams in the Championship. The union of rugby has attracted more than 13,000 senior players and many junior ones across the nation in British Columbia.


Basketball sports in canada

The basketball root is embedded in Canada. The modern game of basketball was established by James Naismith, a Canadian 1891 who works as a physical education trainer in the United States of America. Many players who took part in the game came from Canada.

Basketball is popular in colleges and high schools in Nova Scotia. Expert basketball in the nation started in 1946 but got popularity in 1994 when NBA rewarded franchises to Vancouver Grizzlies and Toronto Raptors. Recently, there have been 30 teams taking part in the Championship of basketball nations in Canada. Basketball is of the most popular sports in Canada. 


Canada is not sanctioned to take part in test games, and the national team is permitted to take part in ODI or one-day international games. The nation has had a competitive cricket team of women and the U-19 that has taken part in three U-19 World Cup tournaments.

Cricket is a game in Canada that is regulated by Cricket Canada, established in 1892. The body of cricket organizes domestic inter-provincial matches and has also launched the Scotia Shield U-19 and the Championship of National T20 domestic competitions.


Soccer has been highly in demand in Canada for several years. Also, soccer in Canada was well-played under a range of regulations, and the primary concept of soccer was there. The soccer game first took place in Toronto in 1876 October between two local clubs. The Canadian women team of soccer has succeeded many times on an international stage. The team became eligible for the London summer Olympics in 2012 and carried out remarkably well throughout the event.

They met the United States of America in the Semi-final and lost the match by 4-3 with time. But, the American win came through a few controversial decisions against Canada. Also, it secured third place with a Bronze medal, which defeated France by 1-0. Soccer ranked 3rd as the most famous sport in Canada, and it had already organized the FIFA 2015 World Cup of Women, which lasted for about a month. 


Lacrosse Sports In Canada

Lacrosse was also considered a national game in 1859 Canada and in 1994 as a summer sport. Lacrosse is also regulated by the Canadian Lacrosse Association, which was established in 1925. It is well-played by thousands of individuals across Canada.

Canada beat the 15-10 United States in the 2006 finals of the World Lacrosse Championship, breaking a 28-year winning streak for the United States. There are two expert lacrosse leagues in the nation, the Major League Lacrosse and the National lacrosse league for the box lacrosse league for the field lacrosse league.


Baseball has been well-played in Canada from the start and is among the most famous sports in the nation. The nation has only one, The Toronto Blue Jays, Major League.

Many independent league teams are also present in the nation and take part in the American Association and Can-Am League. The game in Canada is authorized by Baseball in Ottawa, Canada.

Ice Hockey:

Ice Hockey sports in canada

Ice hockey is determined to be the most famous sport in the country, as the sport has been named the national sport of the country. The Ice hockey league of Canada, the NHL or National hockey league, is found both in the United States of America and Canada. It has seven teams that play in National Hockey League, namely Edmonton, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, and Winnipeg.

The country also arranges amateur ice hockey leagues and strong semi-professional. It is also authorized by Hockey Canada. It is also number one and among the most popular sports in Canada.

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