Watch how an 11-year-old youngster bowls for Rohit Sharma with skill. Video goes viral.

Watch how an 11-year-old youngster bowls for Rohit Sharma with skill. Video goes viral.

Rohit Sharma, the captain of India, is without a doubt a people person.

One fan, who was 11 years old, had a memorable encounter with the legendary hitter. He was usually spotted chatting with his audience’s fans and posing for pictures. 11 year old youngster bowls for Rohit Sharma.

11-year-old Drushil Chauhan took part in the morning activities at Perth’s WACA grounds. At midday, the Indian team showed up for practice. They could see around 100 young children playing cricket from their changing room, but Drushil was the center of attention. He was given the opportunity to be bowled to by Rohit Sharma, the Indian captain.

Everyone was impressed with Drushil, an eleven-year-old, but Rohit in particular.

As we arrived at the WACA for a lunchtime practice session, the children were closing up their morning program. We could see about 100 children playing cricket from our changing room. Everyone’s attention was drawn to one, but Rohit in particular. Everyone was impressed by his smooth run-up, natural skill, and ability to consistently beat the bat. Rohit went outside to ask him to bowl a few balls into the nets. According to Team India analyst Hari Prasad Mohan in a BCCI video, it was a magnificent sight.

11 year old youngster bowls for Rohit Sharma

The analyst went on to say that Drushil’s bowling pleased Rohit so much that he invited the young player to the team’s dressing room, where he spent time with some of the world’s finest cricket stars. Drushil Chauhan, the young guy whose bowling performance impressed Rohit Sharma, has stated his desire to play cricket in the future.

Rohit signed some memorabilia for him.

Drushil admits that an inswing yorker is one of his favorite pitches. He also prefers bowling outswinging deliveries. Rohit made Drushil’s day even more special by having some mementos signed for him.

In two exhibition games on October 17 and 19, Team India will face Australia and New Zealand. They will play their longtime rivals Pakistan in the opening game of the T20 World Cup on October 23 at the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground.

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