Watch Video of Rishabh Pant Car Accident near Roorkee

Watch Video of Rishabh Pant Car Accident near Roorkee

Rishabh Pant, a wicketkeeper and batsman, was injured in an accident early on Friday morning in Roorkee, Uttarakhand, Rishabh Pant Car Accident Video you can Below, when his car slammed into a road barrier and afterwards caught fire. The incident happened when Pant, who is allegedly not in danger, was traveling from Delhi to his birthplace of Roorkee.

Pant was first referred to a hospital in Dehradun after being initially hospitalized to a private facility in Roorkee. He apparently had head wounds as well as a ligament injury to his right ankle, according to police sources.

Watch Video of Rishabh Pant Car Accident near Roorkee

Rishabh Pant, an Indian wicketkeeper and batsman, was returning to Delh in his car from a brief trip to Uttarakhand when he was involved in a horrific traffic accident in Haridwar. Rishabh pant accident was very terrible near roorkee. According to the accounts, he was immediately taken to a local hospital after his automobile collided with a barrier. Later, he was transferred to Dehradun’s Max Hospital. Pant, who was not selected for either ODI or T20I team for the Sri Lanka white ball matches, was scheduled to go shortly to Bengaluru’s National Cricket Academy (NCA) for a fifteen-day camp to treat his knee ailment. Rishabh Pant Car Accident on Friday Morning.

Pant is presently receiving medical attention for his wounds at the Max Hospital in Dehradun, and Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has directed the authorities to make sure the batsman has all the assistance needed for recovery. Rishabh Pant accident cctv goes viral on twiiter.

Rishabh Pant Car Accident Video:

Rishabh Pant Injury Update

After Rishabh Pant’s automobile accident, he was rushed to the closest hospital, where a doctor treated him before sending him right away to Max Hospital in Dehradun. Pant has no fractured bones, according to the man, and neither does he have any burns on his body.

Forehead and knee injured in car crash at 5.30 AM on 30 December 2022.

Dr. Sushil Nagar, who attended to Pant at the emergency room, reportedly stated that the cricketer’s “forehead and knee” are where the most of his injuries are located. Despite Pant’s automobile catching fire, “the preliminary X-rays reveal there is no fracture and there are no burns on Pant’s body,” the statement read. “Pant has a ligament rupture in his knee, two lacerative wounds on his forehead, one immediately over the left eye, and abrasions on his back.”

“Though all of us are worried, he is steady. We at DDCA are monitoring his condition and wish him a quick recovery “Siddharth Sahib Singh, the DDCA secretary, stated in a statement.

BCCI Prodived Medical Update on Rishabh Pant Car Accident

After his collision, Rishabh Pant’s injuries were informed to the media by the BCCI. Here is a link to the complete statement.

“Rishabh Pant, the wicket-keeper for India, was involved in a vehicle accident early on Friday in Roorkee, Uttarakhand. He was treated for impact injuries at Saksham Hospital Multispecialty and Trauma Center after being admitted.

Rishabh’s injuries include two wounds on his forehead, a ligament rupture in his right knee, as well as injuries to his right wrist, ankle, and toe. His back also has abrasions. Rishabh’s status is stable, and he has now been sent to the Max Hospital in Dehradun where he will have an MRI to determine the full extent of his injuries and determine the next steps in his care.

While the Medical Team maintains regular communication with the medical professionals caring for Rishabh, the BCCI is in continual contact with Rishabh’s family. The Board will make sure Rishabh gets the greatest medical attention and all the assistance he needs to recover from this painful time.

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