R-Truth Injury Update from Recent WWE NXT Match

R-Truth Injury Update from Recent WWE NXT Match

R-Truth has admitted that he was injured during his latest WWE NXT match against Grayson Waller. Get Full details on R-Truth Injury Update

Truth suffered an apparent leg injury during a dive from the ring to the floor during a match with Waller on the November 1 NXT program, as previously stated. The contest was called off, and Waller was proclaimed the winner by the referee. Ringside medics assisted Truth to the back.

Truth took to Twitter today to make his first public comments on the injury, according to an update. The Wrestling Observer reported last week that Truth was believed to have torn his quadriceps tendon on the dive. Truth announced that he tore his quad in today’s video greeting to followers.

Truth also disclosed that he was on his way to have the damage repaired. The 50-year-old former WWE United States Champion expressed gratitude to fans for their prayers, support, and concern, and promised to return to the ring soon.

Truth’s return to the ring has yet to be determined, but he will almost certainly require surgery and several months of rehabilitation before he is medically cleared to compete.

R-Truth Injury Update

How R-Truth get injured?

R-Truth suffered an injury during his NXT encounter against Grayson Waller.

The 50-year-old wrestler was eliminated from the contest after a failed move in which his leg got hooked on the top rope from a Tope Con Giro. Following this, the referee was forced to call a halt to the fight.

The NXT medical staff then led him to the backstage area, where further updates on the star’s condition were provided.

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