The Launch Date Of Football Manager 2023 (FM 23) On PlayStation 5 Has Been Delayed

The Launch Date Of Football Manager 2023 (FM 23) On PlayStation 5 Has Been Delayed

The release date of Football Manager 23 (FM 23) for PS5 users has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Football Manager 2023 (FM 23) will be available on PlayStation 5 platforms for the first time in August 2022, according to an announcement made back in August 2022. Unfortunately for PS5 owners, the release of FM 23 on the platform has been delayed due to unexpected circumstances. There is currently no word on a new release date, and pre-orders for the FM23 PS5 edition on the PlayStation Storefront have also been canceled. All PS5 pre-orders have been canceled since FM23 Console Edition will not be available in shops.

Pre-orders for FM 23 on PS5 will now be cancelled

Sports Interactive and Sega have stated that the release date of Football Manager 2023 for the PS5 has been postponed indefinitely. The FM23 PS5 launch has been delayed due to “unforeseen challenges that have occurred throughout the submissions and approvals procedure.” Anyone who pre-ordered the FM23 PS5 edition through the PSN Digital marketplace will have their order deleted instantly, according to Sports Interactive. In compliance with Sony platform policy, full refunds will be granted. For the time being, PS5 players will have to wait till the developers announce any revisions to the release date of the PS5 consoles.

FM 23 Release Date

Football Manager (FM 23) will make its global premiere on November 8, 2022. Aside from the PS5, the game will be available on Xbox and PC platforms. The FM 23 touch will be supported by both Apple and Android). If you pre-ordered FM23 on any other platform, including the Xbox edition of the FM23 Console, don’t worry; Sports Interactive has confirmed that all other titles in the FM23 suite are currently on track for delivery.

New features

FM 23 will have a number of new features, including the Champions League, Europa League, and Conference League. In addition, a new Supporter Profile of a club with six different types of supporters will be added to the game. Fair Weather, Corporate, Casual, Hardcore, and Core Family are the categories. Furthermore, the game will have some modest gameplay improvements, such as improved player dynamism on the field.

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