Most Beautiful Women Boxers In The World

Most Beautiful Women Boxers In The World

There is a history of accomplished, beautiful women in the boxing world. You may think that women who select to fight may not be the most attractive or hottest, but that is not true. The Sports Giant provide you the list of Most Beautiful Women Boxers In The World

We at The Sports Giant have come up with the most attractive and sexiest female boxers in the World. These women have consistently shown their broke records and talents and are role models for women who are looking to pursue a boxing career. Not only are they attractive and DIVAS, but they are deadly.

List of Most Beautiful Women Boxers In The World

Christina Hammer

She was born on August 16, 1990, and is a Kazakhstani German boxer. As a professional boxer, she has many two weight classes championship in the World, that includes the WBO female title of middleweight from 2010 to 2019. She became the youngest boxer to win the WBC female title of middleweight between 2016 and 2018 and won the WBO title of the World. She is the most attractive female boxer across the globe.

Marlen Esparza

She is an American expert boxer who held the female flyweight of WBC title in 2021 June and The Ring and WBA female title flyweight in April 2022. She is the hottest female boxer on the globe.

Paige VanZant

She is a professional wrestler, bare-knuckle boxer, an American mixed martial artist, model, and author. Paige Vanzant has signed as a wrestler to Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship and All Elite Wrestling as a boxer. Also, she is the DIVA female boxer across the World. One of the Most Beautiful Women Boxers In The World as per The Sports Giant

Katie Taylor

She is a former footballer and an Irish professional boxer. She is the undisputed lightweight champion who holds the two-weight championship in the World and has held the title at WBA from 2017. She is Most Beautiful Women Boxers In The World

Avril Mathie

She is a model, boxer, and fitness professional who won the title of Miss Swimsuit USA International in 2014. She has also participated in amateur boxing events such as Ringside Boxing World Champions and USA Golden Gloves. She is the sexiest female boxer in the World.

Fabiana Bytyqi

She is a Czech professional Kosovan descent boxer. She has held the title of WBC female atomweight since 2018. Fabiana is the first female boxer from the Czech Republic who has won a major title in the World. She is ranked as the sixth best active female atomweight in 2020 May by BoxRec. She is one of the Most Beautiful Women Boxers In The World

Mikaela Mayer

She is an American professional boxer who is a hot female in the World. She was a super featherweight champion in the World who held the WBO title in 2020 as female and the Title of IBF female in 2021 November before losing both in 2022 October. She is Most Beautiful Women Boxers In The World

Monica Henao

She is a well-recognized boxer. Monica Henao was born on 1987 December 27, in Colombia. She is among the trending and the popular celeb who is famous for being a boxer. She is a famous and hottest boxer who is 30 years old and also a member of a famous list of a boxer.

Lauryn Eagle

She is an Australian water skiing and professional boxer champion. Lauryn Eagle was a contestant on the TV show reality named Celebrity Apprentice Australia and was a Miss Teen International former in 2004.

Ebonie Bridges

She is an Australian professional boxer. Also, Ebanie has held the female IBF bantamweight title from 2022 March. Ebanie has competed as an amateur in the bantamweight women’s event at the 2016 and 2017 named Australian Golden Gloves, where she won the gold medal.

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