Logan Paul Gets Hurt Badly Against Roman Reigns At WWE Crown Jewel And Is Likely To Miss Wrestlemania

Logan Paul Gets Hurt Badly Against Roman Reigns At WWE Crown Jewel And Is Likely To Miss Wrestlemania

WWE returned to Saudi Arabia Sunday for the 2022 edition of Crown Jewel, and it’s safe to say the main match was the highlight. Logan Paul challenged Roman Reigns, and the bout was a tremendous delight, despite the fact that many fans were skeptical because Paul had never been in the ring before. Watch Logan Paul Injury Video Here.

It’s worth noting that he had only battled twice previously in the WWE, therefore facing The Tribal Chief in only his third bout is quite uncommon. Even though he performed admirably in the main event, Paul’s night was a tragedy since he not only lost to Reigns, but he also severely injured his knee.

What Injury Did Logan Paul Get from WWE Crown Jewel 2022?

Paul said after the show that he injured his knees during his bout with Reigns and that, given how terrible they are, he might not be able to attend WrestleMania next year.

Paul confirmed on Twitter that he had damaged his MCL and meniscus. In addition to his other wounds, he could potentially have torn his ACL. Paul joked about how devastated he was while displaying himself and his brother Jake on Instagram Live. Later, his girlfriend pushed him in a wheelchair through the airport.

Logan Paul Injury Video

Logan Paul Injury Video:

Results Of Logan Paul Vs Roman Reigns WWE Crown Jewel 2022

Jake Paul and The Bloodline entered the ring in the middle of the match, which Paul ultimately lost. But Reigns ultimately triumphed and retained his championship. He accomplished this by throwing Paul a Superman punch when he returned to the ring and by spearing Paul to end the contest.

Logan Paul: Who Is He?

On April 1, 1995, Logan Alexander Paul, an American professional wrestler and social media sensation, was born. He presently performs for WWE under the Raw brand. There are more than 23 million subscribers to Paul’s YouTube account

In 2017, 2018, and 2021, Forbes named him one of the highest-paid YouTube creators. Since November 2018, Paul has also been in charge of the Impaulsive podcast, which has over 4 million YouTube followers.

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