ICC Cricket Board Introduction, Members, Rules and Regulation, Regional Bodies, Rankings, Umpires and referees

ICC Cricket Board Introduction, Members, Rules and Regulation,  Regional Bodies,  Rankings,  Umpires and referees

ABOUT ICC Cricket Board

The ICC also is known as International Cricket Council is the regulating cricket body across the globe. It was established first as the Imperial Cricket Conference by countries such as South Africa, England and Australia in 1965. Later in 1965, it was named as the International Cricket Conference in 1965 and 1989 named as ICC. It is renowned to organize world championship like Women’s Cricket world cup, ICC Champions Trophy, Cricket world cup, ICC Women’s T20 World Cup, Women’s Cricket World Cup and Under-19 Cricket World Cup. The headquarter of ICC board is in Dubai, UAE with a motto ‘CRICKET FOR GOOD’

The ICC does not monitor bilateral fixtures of all test matches between member countries. It does regulate domestic cricket within member countries but does not alter any rules of the game or not even make them. The rules are under the Marylebone Cricket club governance since 1788.

The International Cricket Council includes 104 members currently with 12 full members playing test matches and 92 associate members. The International Cricket Council is responsible for the governance and organization of Cricket’s international tournaments, ICC T20 World cup and the Cricket World Cup.

 It is responsible for Umpire and Referee appointment that conducts all sanctioned test matches like T20 internationals and One day international. It enacts the ICC code of Conduct, which sets professional standards of discipline for international cricket. It also takes action against match-fixing and corruption and co-ordinates through its Anti-corruption and Security Unit or ACSU.

Full members:

The twelve regulating bodies of teams in ICC or International Cricket Council with full voting rights and playing official test cricket matches are:

Team        RegionYear
AustraliaEast-Asia Pacific1909
New ZealandEast-Asia Pacific1926
South AfricaAfrica1909
West IndiesAmerica1926
Sri LankaAsia1981

Associate Members:

92 regulating bodies in countries where cricket is organized and established but Full membership not yet granted are associate members of ICC

Anti-corruption and Security

The International Cricket Council deals with bribery scandals as well as drug scandal if players are involved. It also deals with the corruption scandals in cricket under Anti-corruption and security unit in 2000 under the retired Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police, Lord Condon.

Among corruption the former South African Captain Hansie Cronje case where he accepted sums of money from an Indian bookmaker to ensure certain matches had planned results or under-performing ones.

The former Indian Cricket case, Ajay Jadeja and Mohammad Azharuddin were investigated for match-fixing and were prohibited from playing cricket for five years and life. The Anti-corruption and security monitors and investigate any problems of cricket corruption and strict protocols are introduced such as the use of smartphones in dressing rooms to maintain game standards.

Before 2007, Cricket World Cup chief executive of ICC Malcolm Speed warned against corruption activity and suggested that ICC will be intolerant and stringent against it.

After a scandal, Pakistan tour of England in 2010, 3 players Mohammad Asif, Salman Butt and Mohammad Amir were guilty of spot-fixing and were prohibited from playing cricket for 7 years, 10 years and 5 years.

Jail terms on 3rd November 2011, were announced for 2 years six months for Salman Butt,  Amir for six months and Asif for One year and Majeed for two years eight months who facilitated the bribes and was the sports agent.

Rules and Regulation of ICC

The ICC or International Cricket Council looks after playing regulations, bowling reviews and other ICC rules. The ICC or International Cricket council does not hold the copyright to the cricket laws, MCC is responsible to change the laws after consultation with the global regulating body of the cricket game.

The International Cricket Council monitor a set of playing terms for international cricket that makes a slight amendment to the rules. The cricket teams and players have to adhere to the code of conduct in international matches.  The ICC can apply penalty or sanctions in case of breach of the code of conduct. The ICC imposed 19 fines on players in 2008.

Regional Bodies

The regional bodies goal to promote, organize and develop the cricket game matches that include:

  • European Cricket Council
  • ICC Americas
  • ICC East Asia-Pacific
  • African Cricket Association

Two regional bodies disestablished the African cricket association that are:

  • West Africa Cricket Council
  • East and Central Africa Cricket Council


ICC T20 international Championship (National League for T20 Rankings)

ICC One day international Championship (National League for ODI Rankings)

ICC Championship Test match (National League for Test Rankings)

Umpires and referees

The International Cricket Council appoints international match referees and umpires to enact at all sanctioned T20, Test matches as well as One-day cricket international matches. It operates three panels of umpires namely the associates and affiliates panel, the Elite Panel and The International Panel.

ICC Cricket World Program

The ICC board conducts a weekly program named ICC Cricket world on television produced by Sports brand.

It is responsible for the latest cricket updates, the action includes for ODI and test match for 30 minutes and off-field features and interviews.

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