How To Fix The Overwatch 2 LC-208 Error Disconnected From Game Server Issue

How To Fix The Overwatch 2 LC-208 Error Disconnected From Game Server Issue

Overwatch 2 players have recently encountered the LC 208 error while attempting to access the highly anticipated hero shooter; learn how to resolve the issue.

As of now, the main cause of the error has been identified as a DDoS (Denial of Service) attack on the Blizzard servers. The attack severely hampered the game’s early October 4 release.

Overwatch 2 LC-208 Error Disconnected From Game Server And How To Fix Problem

A DDoS attack occurs when malicious users simultaneously send a large number of server requests to the target.

This type of attack overloads and crashes servers, which is why websites occasionally go down.

Disconnected from Game Server (LC-208)

Due to the large number of players raiding the servers with log-on requests, the “Disconnected from Game Server (LC-208)” error has also occurred.

This type of issue is common during the launch of highly anticipated online games.

Overwatch 2 game director Arron Keller took to Twitter at 5:30 a.m. BST on October 5 to address the ongoing DDoS attacks:

Overwatch 2 LC 208 Error Fixes

For the time being, here are a couple of temporary fixes to assist players in resolving the LC 208 Error:

1.Change DNS Settings
Many online gamers use DNS settings other than the ones provided by their service provider.
For gamers, OpenDNS or Google DNS addresses are frequently faster. This can also be done to fix the Overwatch 2 LC-208 Overwatch error.

2.Install both the PS4 and PS5 versions.
Owners of a PlayStation 5 who have both versions of Overwatch 2 installed can avoid the LC 208 issue. This method, however, is not without flaws.

3.Switch it off and on again.
Though this method may appear to be one of the most annoying pieces of internet advice, it has also been suggested for Overwatch 2 LC-208 error.

Resetting and power cycling routers and game platforms clears out any temporary data that may be causing problems and restarts electronics.

The best way for players to accomplish this is to turn off their device as usual, followed by a disconnect from the power supply. Wait up to a minute before plugging in the device and turning it back on.

4.Console Nat Configuration
Players may need to contact their Internet Service Provider for this process (ISP). If the NAT Type on Xbox/PlayStation/Switch is Strict/3/C, it may be worth changing it to Moderate/2/B depending on which console Overwatch 2 is installed on.

An overly secure NAT (Network Address Translation) setting may prevent players from interacting with one another and result in the LC-208 error code.

5.Change the Battle. Net Region
PC players should go to the Overwatch 2 tab and click on the globe icon next to the play button.

They can then select a different server than the one that is currently selected. This may assist players in avoiding the Overwatch 2 LC 208 error.

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