Former Olympic boxer arrested in South Florida for threatening mass shooting

Former Olympic boxer arrested in South Florida for threatening mass shooting

An ex-Olympic boxer was detained after making threats to open fire inside a Florida gym. Watch Former Olympic boxer arrested.

Azea Augustama was apprehended in Miami and charged with three felonies: two counts of making written threats to carry out a mass shooting and one count of making a threat to murder or injure someone.

At a court hearing, he was ordered to be held under a $3 million bond.

Azea then requested the police to accompany him back into the gym on Tuesday to retrieve the belongings he had left behind, but they had vanished.

Former Olympic boxer arrested in South Florida for threatening mass shooting

Azea Augustama, a former Olympic boxer from Haiti, has been seized by US officials in North Miami after making threats to shoot up a gym in South Florida.

According to an arrest affidavit, Augustama was detained on Tuesday after making a deposit on an AK-47 and was charged with three felonies, according to CNN.

Augustama’s membership at the Boxr gym in Miami was terminated on November 11 as a result of an argument, according to a police report.

Azea Augustama

“There was a problem. He simply began acting strangely and became combative, according to Mateo Attalla, the proprietor of Boxr.

The 2008 Olympic boxer, age 39, dialed 911 on Tuesday morning and went back to the gym to retrieve his possessions.

In order to get his possessions, “He was escorted in with cops, and of course, belongings weren’t there,” Attalla claimed.

He posted frightening things on social media the same day, including “threats to murder or do physical damage with a firearm,” according to a detective’s statement in the arrest report.

Attalla claims that Augustama included a receipt for a deposit on an AK-47 and named the gym in some of the threatening Instagram postings before deleting them.

According to police, he had an Instagram account that had at least three postings with images of the Parkland school shooter, including one from the 2018 tragedy.

An Instagram photo showed the Parkland school shooter in a courtroom with a comment that seemed to threaten the staff at the gym Augustama had previously belonged to.

He also texted “he’s first when I get my gun or with something else first (RIP)” along with a picture of one of the potential victims, the document claims.

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