FIFA World Cup Winners and All Time List of FIFA World Cup Champions

FIFA World Cup Winners and All Time List of FIFA World Cup Champions

FIFA World Cup winners is Brazil over five times, the most in history, while Italy and Germany have won four times. The famous competition across the globe in international football is the men’s FIFA World Cup, which shows the best international teams in action.

Football is considered the most renowned sport in the world. FIFA World Cup creates everyone’s attention when it is held every four years. France, the reigning world champions, won the FIFA World Cup in the last edition of 2018.

The FIFA World Cup in 2022 is going to be held on 18 November to 20 December in Qatar. Qatar is going to be the first UAE country to host the FIFA World Cup soaring the high temperatures. In 1904, FIFA, the international regulating body for football, established and organized its first football match in the 1920s Olympics at the Antwerp, which was well-organized as an inter-continental competition. It paved the way for FIFA World Cup that was held in 1930. Uruguay was the host country that celebrated 100 years of independence and won the gold medal in the 1928 and 1924 Olympics.

It also went on to the trophy at home and was crowned the first FIFA World Cup Champions beating Argentina 4-2 in the finals. Also after that, Italy won the next two FIFA World Cups in 1938 and 1934. Italy was the first nation to defend its title of Uruguay.

After that again, Uruguay won the second title in 1950, and West Germany was the one who got their first World Cup in FIFA 1954. Brazil is the country to qualify for all the 21 editions of the FIFA World Cup till today. It has won the title five times.

Brazil received its title in 1958 when Pele, a 17-year-old, became a legend and scored six points in the match. Also, Brazil beat Sweden, who was the host country, by 5-2 in the final match to get the trophy. After that, Brazil defended its title in 1962.

After that, in 1966, England went to get their first trophy. Geoff’s Hurst in England scored the points in the 4-2 win over West Germany and was the only man to score the FIFA World Cup final hat-trick.

Brazil and Pele won 1970 their third title. Brazil’s last FIFA World Cup trophy came in 2002. Pele, with three trophies, has won the most World Cups in 2022 by a player. Argentina by the brilliance of the second title by Diego Maradona in 1986, having first won the game in 1978. In 1988, the FIFA World Cup got a new winner as modern football giants France beat Brazil in the final rounds to win the first title under the captaincy of Didier Deschamps.

Didier Deschamps, the French team manager who won the FIFA World Cup in 2018, made him the only person to win the title of a manager and player.

There was a German striker named Miroslav Klose, who is the all-time top scorer in the FIFA World Cups, having scored from 2002-2014 with 16 points. The most goals in the FIFA World Cup by a single player is held by Just Fontaine, with 13 goals in 1958.

FIFA World Cup winners list

Year Winners Runners-up

Czechoslovakia 1934 Italy

Brazil 1950 Uruguay

Argentina 1930 Uruguay

Sweden 1958 Brazil

Hungary 1938 Italy

Italy 1970 Brazil

Sweden 1958 Brazil

Hungary 1954 West Germany

West Germany 1966 England

Czechoslovakia 1962 Brazil

Italy 1994 Brazil

The Netherlands 1978 Argentina

West Germany 1982 Italy

Argentina 1990 West Germany

West Germany 1986 Argentina

The Netherlands 1974 West Germany

Brazil 1998 France

Germany 2002 Brazil

France 2018 Croatia

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