Top Female Beach Volleyball Players

Top Female Beach Volleyball Players

Beach volleyball is the most underrated sport across the globe. It is always fun to play and watch the game. What is not to love about sand, beaches, Volleyball, weather, and athletic humans? Few of the toughest athletes in the world and committed individuals play Volleyball. Here The Sports Giant will provide you the Top Female Beach Volleyball Players

Beach volleyball is a force to be reckoned with. It is interesting to see and present a special part about sports. The sportswomen are committed, passionate, and super athletic. Here are the top womens beach volleyball players.

List of Top Female Beach Volleyball Players

April Ross

As a dynamic and Olympic medalist beach volleyball player, Ross continues to lead the pack on the sand. She has been teammates with the Kerri Walsh Jennings winning an Olympic medal for championships and team USA throughout the United States of America. April plays with another top women’s player Klineman. It is Ross’s selflessness and well serve as a player that makes her such a top beach volleyball competitor.

Misty May Treanor

Misty Treanor, a fierce competitor, is among the top female beach volleyball player of all time. Watching Treanor dominate beach volleyball is like observing art in the making. She is a committed athlete who is a Gold Olympic medalist and has won many beach volleyball events.

Ranking second to her past partner Jennings, this volleyball player is the best in beach volleyball. Treanor is not scared to dive for the ball and get the extra mile to win the game. She is among the best beach volleyball player with her tenacious nature. The spectators cheer for Misty and love her presence on the beach. Treanor is among the must-watch beach volleyball player of all time.

Brandie Wilkerson

Brandie Wilkerson has the best volleyball skills that are undeniable. People will recall the progression of Brandie as a blocker over the past many years. Brandie represents the definition of perseverance and hard work. Native from Canada, Brandie and her teammate have won silver, bronze, and gold medals in the last three years.

Top Female Beach Volleyball Players

There is no doubt that women beach volleyball needs players like Brandie. Wilkerson brings a heartfelt and go-achieve attitude to the game. Brandie has a mean jump with her hard-striking spikes. She is a favorite among the crowd watching the game.

Brandie and her teammate partner up with Jennings for her p1440 event tour. This is another chance to show her skills and dominate her ranking as the 3rd top beach volleyball player.

Kerri Walsh JenningsĀ 

Native from Bay Area and beach volleyball player Jennings ranks among the top beach volleyball competitor. Jennings’s statuesque body, intuitive decision-making capability, and fitness ethics make her among the best athlete.

Jennings is a bronze and Olympic gold medalist. In her interviews, Jennings mentions the growth of beach volleyball as a sport but knows that it is still not as famous as it could be. Kerri Jennings has created a special platform for the sport of beach volleyball named p1440.

Kerri Jennings is dominant in blocking and defense in the beach volleyball game. It is a pure joy to watch her match, and she is among the top female beach volleyball player of all time.

Alix Klineman

Alix has partnered up with Ross and has won the FIVB World Tour Five-star event and the FIVB beach volleyball world championship. Alix, during the AVP tournament, showed her top-notch skills in Volleyball. Alix was aggressive in her game and had expertise in the soft touch over the net. Her poise on the beach, skills, and confidence is what makes her among the top female beach volleyball player across the globe.Ā 

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