Different types of Sports events

Different types of Sports events

There are several indigenous sports like Kho-Kho, chess, hockey, polo, and much more. Till now, India has hosted many international and national sports tournaments. It ranges from the Commonwealth games to FIFA U-17 World Cup and countless hockey, cricket, badminton, and tennis events. India is a host of many sports tournaments. Sports lovers also see huge domestic and international sporting events in their home country. In this blog, let us take about the various types of sports events that include:

Types of Sports Events:

Women’s Kabaddi Challenge

The professional event is the same as the men’s Pro Kabaddi League or PKL. The event was first started in 2016, where three teams, Ice Divas, Fire Birds, and Storm Queen, took part. The WKC, or Women’s Kabaddi Challenge, is growing and gaining popularity over time. It also entertains sports lovers in India.

Olympic Games

The Olympics is a huge international multi-sport tournament in that almost all nations of the globe take part in various sports. It targets cultivating individuals and world peace via sports and is organized after every four years by International Olympics committee.

Around 2300 years ago, the Olympics started in the Olympia region of Ancient Greece and ended in 393 because of the war. It was again started after a gap of 1500 years when the first modern Olympic game was played in Athens, Greece, which is the origin of the Olympic games. Baron de Coubertin designed the symbol of the Olympic games that shows unity among the five continents across the globe.

Cricket World Cup

CWC is also well-recognized as the ICC cricket world cup as it is planned by the international cricket council or ICC. The international cricket event in which one day fifty overs cricket game is played. The teams should qualify for the preliminary qualification rounds to take part in the match that is held every four years, but T20 is held every two years. As cricket is famous across the globe, the T20 event is watched by viewers across the world, and people love it.

It is the fourth most watched international sport across the globe. In 1975, the first cricket world cup was held 1975, whereas, in South Africa, the first T20 cricket world cup was held in 2007. 12 cricket world cups are held till 2020. Till now Australia Cricket team has won the tournament five times.

Wimbledon Tennis:

It is one of the huge sports tournaments across the globe. It is also the oldest tennis championship across the globe. It is being held in early June in 1877 at All England Club in London at Wimbledon.

It is a Grand Slam tennis event such as US Open, Australian Open, and French Open. The only tennis event that is played on grass as the first original name was lawn tennis, and the original game was played on grass. In 1877, the first WC was played on one of the lawns of the All England Club. In 1884, this women’s championship was launched at Wimbledon, and Women’s doubles and mixed doubles were also introduced in the year 1913.

Rugby World Cup

It is also well-recognized as the rugby union world cup. The international rugby union competition is planned by the International rugby board. The RWC or rugby world cup was first played in 1987, and it was co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand. The rugby world cup is organized every four years. According to the recent format of the event, twenty nations take part in the event for a month in the host country.

The sports event includes two levels a knock-out and a group. The winner of the tournament gets the William Webb Ellis Cup. World Rugby organizes the rugby world cup, which is an international body to regulate the rugby sport. Also, in 2023 the 10th edition of the rugby world cup will be hosted by France nation, and the final rounds are going to be held at the State de France.

National Basketball Association (NBA)

NBA is popular in the world for men’s expert basketball league in North America. It is also an active member of USA basketball that also functions as a regulating body for basketball in the United States of America.

NBA or National basketball association is a North American expert sports league that was set up in New York City on 6th June 1946 as BBA or Basketball Association of America. On 3rd August 1949, after a few years, it was changed to NBA after the merger of NBL or National Basketball League.

Also, the NBA event begins in October and continues till April month, and every team must play 82 matches. It includes 30 teams of the franchisee, one from Canada and 29 from the USA. The playoffs also extend till June month. The NBA sports individuals are counted among the best-paid sports players across the globe.

IAAF World Championships

IAAF World Championship is an international event that is organized in two years. It was first organized every four years in 1991. The game came into existence due to the elimination of the Men’s walk event of 50 Km in 1976 from the Olympics. Also, the council planned to run the Athletics World Championship.

The first event, after a few years, was held at the Helsinki Olympic stadium in August 1983 in Finland. The event or tournament was attended by more than 1300 players from across the globe. Around 2000 players from across the globe took part in the sports event. Over the next years, all the women’s events were included in the event. The championship winner receives a medal and a cash reward.

The Asian Games

The Asian Games, which is also well-recognized as Asiad, is a popular continental multi-sport tournament that is held in four years. More than half of the population of the world belongs to Asia, so the sporting events in Asia are huge. Athletes from all Asian nations participate in the tournament. 

The Asian game’s first edition was held in New Delhi in 1951 in India. The AGF or Asian Games federation used to organize the event till 1978. Also, there was a breakup of the AGF or Asian Games Federation, and it was being run by the OCA or Olympic Council of Asia.

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