Top 12 Sports Academies in the World

Top 12 Sports Academies in the World

Are you aware of a few of the best sports academies across the globe? Few of the elite sports academies across the globe primarily focus on nourishing young student-athletes to have a professional careers. Here you know about Top 12 Sports Academies.

These academies also offer the best programs for youth who wishes to pursue their careers in sports. Also, they also get a chance to take a professional break.

Academies are well-known for offering training and different routines to young athletes. Also, not everyone will make it into the programs. The athletes may have to strive hard and commit to getting into these academies.

The ones with skills and talent sets get taken into making their career bright further. They have to put in all their commitment, hard work, and dedication. These academies may pave the way for their future.

Let us understand the table before diving into the information.

Name Location

AFC Ajax Youth Academy Amsterdam, Netherlands

Spire Academy Ohio, USA

DME Academy Florida, USA

University of Florida Florida, USA

La Masia De Can Planes Barcelona, Spain

University of Birmingham Birmingham, United Kingdom

Loughborough University Leicestershire, United Kingdom

St. Mary’s University Twickenham, United Kingdom

Ivy League Northeastern, USA

German Sport University Cologne Cologne, Germany

University of Alberta Alberta, Canada

University of Alabama Alabama, USA

Top 12 Sports Academies in the World

Top Sports Academies

AFC Ajax Youth Academy

The next best sports academy in the World is the AFC Ajax Youth Academy. It is well-recognized as the breeding center of Dutch football. The Youth Academy was first established in 1900.

The AFC Ajax academy undertakes promising players aged from 7 to 18 years. It has 13 teams of youth where the players are specially trained in a similar way as the first team. One of the best sport academy from Top 12 Sports Academies listed here.

Partly, AFC Ajax is dependent on the youth academy. The players of the Youth academy are shifted to the senior team. Also, training the youths as the first team makes them accustomed to the AFC playing style.

Spire Academy

The first top sports academy in the World is the Spire Academy. The academy has sports as the foundation and provides a diverse curriculum for young athletes-student. Spire Academy provides student-athletes with residential academy semester programs. Also it also has intense week-long and weekend training camps. They provide professional training and a range of sports competitions.

The Spire Academy programs include swimming, basketball, track and field, lacrosse, football, soccer, and also esports. Also, the academy offers performance training and extended training camps.

It has a 300-meter indoor track and six basketball, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and 12 volleyball courts. Also, it hosts leagues, clubs, championship tournaments, and events.

La Masia de Can Planes

The third academy is the La Masia de Can Planes academy, which is the best across the globe. It is also popularly called La Masia. It is located in F.C. Barcelona, which is a youth academy. Catalan farmhouse in built 1702. It was used to house the young footballers club outside Barcelona.

It has about 60 players, and the minimum for the youth program begins in six years. Also, the cost of operations of La Masia is 5 million pounds every year, which makes it one of the most costly academies in Europe. The academy employs a system of 15 scouts actively taking young students. The scout gets deployed in Spain, Catalonia, and across the globe.

La Masia has one of the vital aspects of the success of Barcelona European. The academy has trained a few of the world-class top players. A few of the notable alumni coming from La Masia are Pep Guardiola and Lionel Messi. One of the Top 12 Sports Academies featured here is one of the best.

This sports academy became the first youth academy to have trained three finalists in 2010 for Ballon d’Or. Also, when talking about the best sports academies, there is no doubt that La Masia is the best.

DME Academy

The next best sports academy around the World is DME academy. The DME was discovered as a Post Grad Basketball training academy in 2015. This sports academy is situated in Florida, USA.

The sports amenities have two complete NBA courts, a state-of-the-art movie room inside the tournament center, and a 2500-square-foot video studio. Also, the amenities of the NBA court are determined as one of the best NBA practice amenities.

Also, the academy offers two kinds of programs for young athletes. It has a 7-month post-graduate course to help high school students in basketball training. DME academy also has an intensive summer camp. The camp tests the mental and physical strength of the athletes.

University of Florida

The next academy best across the globe is the University of Florida. The Florida university is a public land-grant search university established in 1853. The University is also the fifth-largest single campus in the United States of America. Though the University is a public search university, it also has intercollegiate teams. The teams are also called Florida Gators.

These teams compete in SEC or Southeastern conference and NCAA or National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I. The University of Florida is among the best athletics courses in the Southeastern Conference. Due to its excellent athletic course, the University is among the best sports university in the United States of America. One of the top 12 sports academies in the world, as listed here.

The University of Flordia has generated 89 first-team-all-Americans and 45 NFL first-round choices of the draft. They also have generated three Heisman trophy winners. 13 university coaches and 163 student-athletes have made their choice to the Olympic games.

Loughborough University

The Loughborough university is situated in Leicestershire, in the East Midlands of England. Loughborough has history dates back to 1909. Also, the University is seventh-ranked in each national university league table in the United Kingdom.

Loughborough University has an unrivaled achievement in sports. The Loughborough university plays host to various highest-performing teams and athletes. Also, the University also provides a huge range of sports for athletes.

Apart from the regular sports such as football and rugby, Loughborough also has sports clubs for ultimate frisbee and equestrian. The University is well-known for continuously recruiting student-athletes and training them. One of the top 12 sports academies listed here.

The Loughborough has a 3,000 capacity with 4 million pounds worth of stadium for the football and rugby first teams. Loughborough University is among the few universities in the FLS or English Football league system. It was first named in 2019 as the University of the year by Sunday times and The times. Also, it was named the University of the Year for Sport by The Times and Sunday Times Good University or STGU Guide 2022.

German Sport University Cologne

The next sports academy on the list is German Sport University Cologne. This University was discovered in 1947 as SUC or Sport University Cologne. Afterward, in 1965, it was renamed the GSUC or German Sport University Cologne.

This German Sport University Cologne offers a huge range of sports for student-athletes. The University has lap running, swimming, and esports in the sports selection, from badminton to basketball.

Similarly, it has a unique degree program named M.A. Olympic Studies. The objective of this degree is to foster links between the academic and Olympic worlds. Moreover, the University also has an Olympic Studies Center, founded in 2005.

Likewise, the University also has another unique European Handball Manager certificate program. The program was planned by the European Handball Federation or EHF in collaboration with the German Sport University.

University of Birmingham

The next on the list of the top sports academy worldwide is the University of Birmingham. It is a public search university discovered in 1825. Birmingham offers fitness and sports amenities to the community and students with a membership. The amenities boast outdoor football pitches, a dojo, a gym, and a climbing wall.

The University of Birmingham is seventh-best in the British colleges and Universities sports league table 2019. It is well-known to offer a huge range of competitions and sports for the local community and students.

The University of Birmingham is all set to host a squash and hockey competition for the Birmingham Commonwealth games 2022. Also, the University provides more than 30 grants and scholarships to international and national students, with the exception of athletic capabilities. A few of the wide selections of sports are rugby, netball, hockey, soccer, rowing, basketball, and football. Birmingham has various sports clubs that are fifty-six and offers 180 fitness classes.

Mary’s University

If you are searching for highly-rated training courses with a variety of health and sports degrees, then St. Mary’s University is the best option. It is a public university discovered in 1850.

Mary’s University is among the best sports universities in the United Kingdom. Apart from offering sports amenities to its students, the community also gets benefits from the amenities. The Mary’s University sports amenities were used as the pre-games training camp by the officials and Olympic athletes from 10 national teams.

The University also has a tennis hall, dance studio, sports hall, grass pitches and gymnasium, athletics track, and much more. Several athletes from St. Mary University were part of the Summer Olympics in 2012, Paralympic Games in Rio, and the Summer Olympics in 2016. One of the top sports academies featured here among the Top 12 Sports Academies

Mary’s University, in 2011, opened a new sports center with more than 8.5 million pounds. The sports center boasts four cricket lanes, six badminton courts, a netball, a basketball court, and a handball court.

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta was established in 1908. The University is a public search situated in Alberta, Canada, and is among the top sports universities in the nation.

The University’s athletics courses get managed by the department of athletics and a service unit under the faculty of Sport, Kinesiology, and recreation. The department of Athletics manages more than 500 teams in more than 24 groups.

The sports courses of the University include a range of sports. For instance, they have cross country, football, basketball, rugby, curling, wrestling, track, and field.

The athletic of Alberta university amenities are open to their university students and athletic teams. Also, they have a wellness center and Physical activity, an aquatic center, a multi-sport foot field, a gymnasium, a fitness center, and much more.

From 1961, the Athletic team of Alberta university has won more than 65 national championships. The ice hockey team of men has won the Canada West Conference Championships many times.

Ivy League

Next, that comes in the list of top sports academies across the globe is Ivy League. The Ivy League of Americat is a collegiate athletic conference that includes eight private search universities in the Northeastern United States of America.

The eight universities include Princeton University, Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University, Brown University, Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, and Dartmouth College.

The Ivy Leagues have its own championship called Ivy. The championship Leagues get well-recognized as sixteen women’s and sixteen men’s sports. The Ivy League is also home to a few of the oldest college rugby teams in the United States of America.

Rivalries also run deep in the Ivy League. From football and basketball rivalries to lacrosse and hockey, the institution is continuously looking to outdo one another.

University of Alabama

Lastly, there is the University of Alabama of the top sports academies across the globe. It is a public search university, the largest and oldest public university in Alabama.

The University of Alabama has an athletic team called the Alabama Crimson Tide. The football course is among the ten winningest courses in the history of the United States. The University competes in the Western division of Southeastern conferences of the NCAA’s Division I. Also, the women’s rowing team competes in the 12 big conferences of the NCAA’s Division I conference.

Alabama University offers a different selection of sports to student-athletes. For instance, they have basketball, baseball, cross country, football, tennis, and golf. Also, the University of Alabama has different athletic amenities that include the Bryant-Denny stadium.


In this blog, we discussed the top 12 sports academies around the World. Also, these universities and academies are well-equipped with a few of the top sports training courses that help students to build their careers in sports. These sports academies are best for students to learn and take training sessions. You may follow The Sports Giant to get more updates on Sports news!

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