Most Beautiful Female Wrestlers in WWE History

Most Beautiful Female Wrestlers in WWE History

Many aspects influence the success of a wrestler- their physical attractiveness, promotional skills, and ring skills. Beauty and power combine and several hottest female wrestlers bring these aspects into the ring. here you get List of Most Beautiful Female Wrestlers in WWE

Women have played many crucial roles in wrestling throughout WWE in 41-year history. From presenters to managers, women launched into the sport as wrestlers and were named Divas. The WWE started referring to female wrestlers in 2016 as Superstars or Women superstars. In honor of these women’s amazing work and the entertainment they bring, we at The Sports Giant have compiled a list of a few of the sexiest female wrestlers that have graced the circle.

List of Most Beautiful Female Wrestlers in WWE History

10. Eva Marie

Natalie Marie Nelson is an American fashion designer, actress, professional wrestler, and model. She is well-recognized for her tenure in WWE, from 2020-2021 and 2013-2017, where she performed under the name Eva Marie.

9. Kelly Kelly

Barbara Coba, professionally well-known as Barbie Blank and ring name Kelly Kelly is an American professional model and wrestler. She is the hottest women wrestler across the globe. Kelly has a gymnastics background and is a cheerleading player, and has worked as a model for Hawaiian Tropic and Venus Swimwear.

8. Brooke Adams

She is an American professional wrestler and model who is well-recognized by the ring name Brooke Tessmacher Brooke Nichole Adams who was born in St. Louis on 4 December 1984 in Missouri and shifted at the age of seven to Houston, Texas.

7. Kaitlyn

She is an American bodybuilder, entrepreneur, professional wrestler, and model. Bonin is popular for her time from 2010 to 2014 and from 2018-2019 under the name Kaitlyn where she was a WWE Divas Champion. She is the sexiest women wrestler that you will ever come across. She is the Slamforce Women’s champion under Bonin’s name.

6. Lana

She is well-recognized as Catherine Joy Perry. She is an American actress, dancer, and professional wrestler. Lana is her ring name.

5. Maryse Mizanin

She is a Canadian actress, glamor model, and professional wrestler. Now, she has signed with WWE appearing with her husband on the Raw brand alongside The Miz under the name Maryse. She is among the Diva of the women wrestler across the globe.

4. Sunny

Tamara Lynn Sytch popularly known as Sunny, is an American former professional ring announcer, adult entertainer, wrestling manager, and valet. Sunny got huge success within the WWF, or World Wrestling Federation, in the 1990s and is among the first Diva of WWF. She is the Beautiful Female Wrestlers in WWE of her era in the wrestling world.

3. Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella, also known as Stephanie Nicole Garcia, is a television personality and American professional wrestler. She has signed with WWE as an ambassador and is among the most attractive wrestler in the industry.

2. Maria

She is also named Kanellis Bennett, or Mary Louis, an actress, American professional wrestling manager, model, former singer, and wrestler. She is well-recognized for her time in impact wrestling. Maria was a member of Honor No More and is well-recognized for her time with WWE and Ring of honor. One of Hottest Female Wrestlers in WWE History.

1. Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler is an actress, dancer, cheerleader, model, and professional wrestler. She has gained popularity due to her work with WCW (World Championship Wrestling) and World Wrestling Entertainment. Stacy started her career in WCW as a part of the Nitro Girls. As per The Sports Giant Research Team Beautiful Female Wrestlers in WWE is Stacy Keibler

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