What Happened to Matty GZ : Cause Of Death, Social Media Accounts

What Happened to Matty GZ : Cause Of Death, Social Media Accounts

Matty GZ, a rising American rapper best known for his song Everybody K, was found dead on Thursday, November 3.

Matty’s pal Klo Vizionz announced the rapper’s death, leaving thousands of admirers stunned by his untimely passing.

What Happened to Matty GZ: Cause Of Death, Social Media Accounts

He was a rapper who progressively made a reputation for himself in the music industry through his YouTube videos.

Brief Bio of Matty GZ

Matty GZ, whose full name is Matthew Cloth, was from New York and was only 19 years old when he died. For the past few years, the young rapper has been recording music in the hopes of launching a music career.

His most popular song, EveryBody K, has over 130k views on YouTube. Smoke Em, another of his tracks, has received over 120k views.

Matty is well-known for his use of social media to share his work, and he used to routinely communicate with his fans and followers via Instagram Live.

GZ Matty Death was declared

Matty’s pal Klo Vizionz, who collaborated with him on RRGK, confirmed his death on Instagram. In one of his Instagram stories, he said, “R.I.P Matty GZ.” Matty’s cause of death is unknown at this time.

Matty rose to prominence in the rap industry after a number of YouTubers began posting reaction videos to his work. Despite the fact that many people have varied feelings regarding Matty’s music, most have always admired his dedication.

Fans reacted fast to the news of Mtty’s death after it was announced. Thousands of followers sent “RIP” comments on his social media pages.

Matty GZ’s Social Media Profiles

Matty released his songs on Raps and Hustles despite not having his own official YouTube account. The channel, which has over 260k subscribers, focuses on providing a platform for aspiring artists.

Matty, on the other hand, was a frequent Instagram user with over 20,000 followers. He went by the handle @ mattygz and generally provided music-related news and updates.

The recently dead rapper also maintained a Facebook profile where he frequently released previews of his upcoming tracks. He would also frequently post his ideas on Facebook.

However, he was last active on that site on July 5, 2022.

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