Mercedes gives $1 million worth driver as loan to AlphaTauri to test on their 2022 car

Mercedes gives $1 million worth driver as loan to AlphaTauri to test on their 2022 car

Nyck de Vries will drive for AlphaTauri in 2023, as the Dutchman was regarded to be a suitable substitute for the Alpine-bound Pierre Gasly.Mercedes reserve driver Nyck de Vries is still signed by the Silver Arrows but he went to AlphaTauri to work thanks to a loan by Mercedes.

The Mercedes driver’s fantastic performance for Williams in Monza was the deciding factor for him. It persuaded Red Bull executives to put him in the junior squad and perceive him as a worthwhile investment.

Max Verstappen is also said to have had a factor in him joining the Fonza-based squad. According to the F1 2022 champion, he persuaded his compatriot to contact Red Bull CEO Helmut Marko, which caused the F1 ball to shift in his favor.

AlphaTauri takes a loan from Mercedes

AlphaTauri and Vries’ deal requires the latter to join the squad in 2023. He has, however, already entered their facility and will test their 2022 automobile AT03 on Tuesday.

As a result, Vries was able to tour AlphaTauri’s plant and collaborate with them. On social media, AlphaTauri publicly praised Mercedes for the ‘loan,’ while also uploading a photo of their driver at work.

The $1 million net worth driver is not the only one in the paddock who has begun working with their next teams even before their last race with their present company. On Monday, Gasly was observed working with Alpine, and after the race, Fernand Alonso went to Aston Martin’s hospitality.

Nyck de Vries was parcelled to AlphaTauri

Mercedes had a disappointing season by their standards. However, team leaders acknowledge that there was a lot of learning while trying to be their previous selves this year.

Nonetheless, there was still joy in their pasture. Mercedes’ team dumped Vries in the marina after the race, as is their custom with every departing driver, then afterwards tied him to a cart and parcelled him to the AlphaTauri garage.

The video quickly went popular on social media. Fans did not anticipate Alphatauri to physically get the item and begin working with him at their house.

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