Handunnetti Deepthi Priyantha Kumar Dharmasena Career and Umpiring

Handunnetti Deepthi Priyantha Kumar Dharmasena Career and Umpiring

Deshabandu Handunnetti Deepthi Priyantha Kumar Dharmasena (conceived 24 April 1971), famously as Kumar Dharmasena, is a Sri Lankan cricket umpire and previous worldwide cricketer, who played Tests and ODIs for Sri Lanka. He is the solitary individual to address an ICC World Cup Last both as a player and an umpire. He was a right-given batsman and a right-arm off-break bowler.

Playing Career of Dharmasena

Dharmasena was brought into the world in Colombo on 24 April 1971. He began his cricketing profession as a young person at Nalanda School Colombo. His initial introduction to global cricket was in 1994 against South Africa.

His dark activity made him ideal for bowling in one-day matches, yet Dharmasena likewise demonstrated a valuable batsman, particularly after he was explored in 1998 by the ICC for overextending his bowling activity to unlawful extents. Having been cleared in July 2000, he played for the one-day group on a few events since, yet seldom played Test cricket.

Dharmasena was the 59th Sri Lankan cricketer to get a Test cap (Sri Lanka v South Africa at Colombo Sinhalese Games Club 1993).

Kumar Dharmasena has the record for playing the most number of ODI innings before being excused for a duck (72 innings).

He alongside Dulip Liyanage set the standard for the most elevated eighth wicket run stand for Sri Lanka in ODI cricket (91).

Move to umpire

Following his retirement from playing in November 2006, Dharmasena reported plans to turn into a serious umpire, as he wished to stay “near the game which I love so beyond all doubt”. Preceding his retirement, he had proactively umpired a few homegrown matches in the Sara Prize, the significant five-star cricket competition in Sri Lanka. He umpired his most memorable worldwide match in 2009, managing the one-day global between India and Sri Lanka at the Rangiri Global Arena in Dambulla he stays the most youthful ever Sri Lankan to umpire any global match. He umpired at the 2011 Cricket World Cup, and was delegated to the Elite Panel of ICC Umpires sometime thereafter. Dharmasena was named the Umpire of the Year at the 2012 ICC Grants, for which he got the David Shepherd Prize.

He was chosen as one of the twenty umpires to remain in matches during the 2015 Cricket World Cup and umpired in the last. In doing so he turned into the first to play in and umpire the World Cup finals. He remained in the last of the 2016 ICC World Twenty20.

Kumar Dharmasena has functioned as an umpire in 18 matches of ICC World T20, the most by any umpire from Sri Lanka.

In January 2019, he won the David Shepherd Prize for the ICC Umpire of the Year at the 2018 ICC Grants. In April 2019, he was named as one of the sixteen umpires to remain in matches during the 2019 Cricket World Cup. In July 2019, he was named as one of the two on-field umpires for the second semi-last match, between Australia and Britain. Later that very month, he was likewise named as one of the two on-field umpires for the Cricket World Cup Last. Britain dominated the game in an Over. He conceded a blunder however said he didn’t think twice about it. Assuming the choice was right, Britain would have expected 4 rushes to win off the last 2 balls yet there’s no assurance that they would have lost all things considered.

Profile of Dharmasena

Few cricketers have a subsequent inning keeping in contact with the game. Much less make them stay on the field. Kumar Dharmasena ends up in one such place of honor. A convenient off-spinner, with a skiddy, strange activity, he had the disaster of having a place with the Muralitharan time of off-turn bowling.

He got going in 1994, acquiring a standing of being a precise bowler implied for the restricted overs. He had acquired himself a standing of bowling with tenacious control. His four-for at Port Elizabeth against South Africa in his most memorable visit, his spells in Sharjah agreeing with his position to triumph were such occasions. 1996 was a year Sri Lanka would have inked on their cricketing history forever. Dharmasena had his impact in seeing his side as far as possible with important exhibitions in the semis and the last.

The main nail in the casket that took steps to wreck his profession big opportunity arrived in 1998 when the ICC scrutinized the legitimacy of his bowling activity. At the point when he was cleared by his board in 2000, he was back as an all-rounder. He went on with irregular appearances in the ODI side, particularly when Sri Lanka was playing at home, not exactly so in Tests. It at long last attracted draperies 2006, when he strolled off from the top-of-the-line scene. Not before he had a record for himself, of having the most number of ODI innings before packing a duck. 72 innings for his situation.

Once more with a genuinely fruitful vocation behind him, Dharmasena turned one more story for himself in his subsequent innings – on the field. This time as the disciplinarian with the best seat in the house, an umpire, turning into the most youthful Sri Lankan to be picked for the gig. He got going in 2009 in an ODI against India and before long climbed the stepping stool rather rapidly to the Elite Panel of ICC umpires in 2011. More approval for his transient development came a year some other time when he was granted the David Shepherd grant for being the umpire of the Year, 2012.

He followed it up with predictable highlights in the top draws at the ICC competitions, directing in the finals of the 2013 Bosses Prize and the 2015 World Cup. The occupation of an umpire is generally difficult. What’s more, dependent upon the most extreme examination. Umpire KD had his snapshot of savage with the Choice Survey Framework (DRS) turning into an inescapability. His inconveniences came to the front in the English Test visit through Bangladesh. In the primary Test at Chittagong, he had eight of his choices toppled, a record by some edge.

By the by, he keeps on leftover one of the top draws at any ICC occasion and has by a long shot turned into the best umpire Sri Lanka has at any point delivered.


Dharmasena is the main individual to have played in the Last of the Cricket World Cup as well as directed in the last of the World Cup. He had played in the 1996 Cricket World Cup Last and was highlighted as an on-field umpire two times in the 2015 and 2019 World Cup finals.

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