Glenn Maxwell ruled out for extended period after ‘freak’ leg injury

Glenn Maxwell ruled out for extended period after ‘freak’ leg injury

Glenn Maxwell, an Australian all-rounder, has been ruled out of cricket for a prolonged length of time after suffering a ‘freak’ injury to his leg. This injury occurred during an Australian cricketer’s birthday party in Melbourne. Maxwell fractured his fibula and underwent surgery on Saturday, according to reports. With a broken leg, the Australian star will be sidelined for some time.

Maxwell was injured when he slid while sprinting in a backyard with the person celebrating the birthday, and his leg became caught, despite neither of them being intoxicated. Maxwell is ruled out of the one-day series against England, which begins on Thursday, but he may also miss the full BBL season with the Melbourne Stars, depending on his recovery timeline, which will be known in the following weeks.

Glenn Maxwell ruled out from Upcoming Series

The all-around player is also questionable for the February Test series against India. Due to his injury, Maxwell will be unable to play for Australia A against South Africa or make a rare Sheffield Shield debut in early December.

Glenn is in a positive spirits “George Bailey, the national selection, stated. “It was a tragic accident, and we feel for Glenn given the circumstances, as he had been in excellent form in his last few games. Glenn is an important element of our white-ball structure, and we will continue to help him heal and rehab.

Blair Crouch, general manager of the Stars, said: “Glenn definitely contributes significantly to the Melbourne Stars, and we wish him speedy recovery. As he gets back to full fitness, he will continue to play a crucial role for the team at the beginning of the season, and we hope to see him soon.”

Sean Abbott has been named as the all-substitute rounder’s after he was ruled out of the series against England.

It has happened before that a cricketer has been hurt off the cricket field. Jonny Bairstow missed the T20 World Cup 2022 after breaking his ankle while playing golf earlier this year. Josh Inglish, the wicketkeeper and batsman for Australia, was forced to miss the T20 World Cup after severely cutting his hand while playing golf the day before the competition.

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